The Story Behind Thekwane Projects

The idea for Thekwane Projects started on a farm called Kareekrans, located in the Somerset East District in the Eastern Cape. Kareekrans Boerdery was established by the Botha family during 1789 and has been built into a well known stock farm in the area. It was here that a young boy found his inspiration to build a company that would one day become one of South Africa’s most up and coming construction companies.

Hammerkop nests are constructed over long periods of time and are engineered to support its family for many generations. The outside of the nest is made from sticks, while the inside is plastered with clay to support the large dome structure. The durable construction is passed down from generation to generation. On the farm, Hein watched the Hammerkop construct its nest with great care and attention to detail. Years later, he too would construct ever-lasting structures with the same enthusiasm and attention to detail as the Hammerkop Bird.

Proudly South African, Hein used the Xhosa word for this bird, iThekwane, to name his company. After years of studying and working in the industry, Thekwane Projects was established in 2004.