Company Profile

Our Vision

Thekwane shall be a superior project contractor, providing client satisfaction through delivering quality projects on target.

Mission Statement

We shall at all times strive to maintain a high standard of workmanship, professionalism and commitment to the delivery of products exceeding the acceptable standards in the construction and refurbishment industry.


We believe that: Our client focus, negotiation, organizational and marketing skills, combined with our commitment to delivering a superior product shall be the key drivers for success. We can play a significant role in assisting the client and the professional team in ensuring a cost effective design and supply during the project implementation phase

Main Activities

Thekwane conducts business in the development, construction and refurbishment of commercial and industrial properties.

Market Positioning

The medium to long term objectives are to focus on: Commercial developments Industrial developments Refurbishment of existing commercial and industrial properties Main Objectives The main objective of Thekwane Projects is to generate optimal returns for its owners, by delivery a superior product in the building industry by ensuring that: Clients are given satisfactory service at all times All tasks are done from inception to completion in accordance with best practice principles in our chosen field of activity Clients receive value for money at all times A culture of mutual respect and trust is fostered between our clients and ourselves